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Lead Magnet Form (#3)

First. Blog. Post. Ever

Guess you have to start somewhere right? When I was told I needed to start writing a blog I said no thank you (much like I said no thank you to everyone in my life saying I needed to write a book).

My reasoning for being hesitate was silly really looking back, I didn’t want to air my opinions out on the internet. As my dear big sister pointed out, “so you are going to write a book airing your dirty laundry, but you are scared of writing a blog?” Fair point.

So here I am, writing my first blog post ever. On a weekend that I am supposed to be at a writer’s conference in Dallas, but instead I am fighting what seems like COVID (despite me taking 4 tests that say I am negative). Trip I was looking forward to canceled, but silver lining is that I got all my money back 😊.

What does one blog about? I have no idea. I guess whatever the spirit moves me too. You will just have to stay tuned and go on this journey with me. Here’s finding our way together!

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