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Always story follows a little boy who, after a traumatic event, is worried that his mother will always be there. The mother’s soothing words help to comfort the little boy back to sleep.

My nightly talks inspired the story in Always with my young children after a domestic disturbance they witnessed between their father and myself. It became part of our nightly routine of reassurance for them. I had searched and failed to find a children’s book that addressed this issue for young children.

Below is an excerpt:

Son: “Were you scared, Mommy?”

Mother: “I was.”

Son: “But you protected me even though you were scared?”

Mother: “I did, just like you protect Lamby when he gets scared at night.”

I will always protect you like I did that night.”

Son: “Promise?”

Mother: “I promise, always.”

The reassurance of this story helped my children immeasurably and continues as we navigate the aftermath of a traumatic incident. I hope it can provide that same level of comfort to other children who might be facing similar situations.

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