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A Collection of Poems



A Collection of Poems

Riding on a train on the way to a friend’s wedding, magic struck for author AE Lee: inspired by the upcoming celebration, she wrote her first poem, The Dragonfly.

Already an author following the publication of her memoir, One of the Lucky Ones, she had yet to delve into the world of poetry, but after the wedding, the poems kept coming, and she took it upon herself to write sixty poems in sixty days.

A Collection of Poems is a compilation of those poems.

A Collection of Poems is divided into four sections: Seeking Solace, Seeking Gratitude, Seeking Inspiration, and Seeking Love. The poems in each cover topics large (motherhood, survival) and small (butterflies, willow trees), but all guide readers to hope, resilience, and peace––and perhaps a glass or two of champagne. Lee has experienced plenty of turmoil in her life, but she has never lost sight of the beauty that remains, even in the midst of chaos.

A Collection of Poems shines a spotlight on that beauty and the lessons that can be learned by those with open hearts.

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